How to Fix a Hoverboard By Yourself?

Hoverboards have gained popularity as a fun and efficient mode of transportation. However, like any other electronic device, they can encounter issues that may require troubleshooting and repair. In this article, we will discuss common problems faced by hoverboard users and provide step-by-step instructions on how to fix them. Whether it’s a battery problem, sensor calibration issue, or motor malfunction, we’ve got you covered!


Hoverboards, also known as self-balancing scooters, are personal transportation devices that have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are powered by lithium-ion batteries and utilize gyroscopic sensors to maintain balance and control. While hoverboards offer convenience and excitement, they can encounter technical issues that can affect their performance. Knowing how to troubleshoot and fix these problems can help you get your hoverboard up and running smoothly again.

Diagnose The Problem

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Now the main thing you need to know is what happened to your hoverboard?

There can be several issues, maybe your charger is not working at all, or the charging port is broken, or the battery is not in perfect condition to hold the charge.

The hoverboard battery has always been the most complicated and disputed part since invented and launched.

Now you need to diagnose what the actual problem is only after that you are possibly able to resolve the problem.

In this article, we will try to reach our possible limits, that we can make you capable of diagnosing the problem that is creating a hurdle in proper functioning of your hoverboard.

Moreover, after diagnosis, we will share with you the possible amendments we can do to make your hoverboard working as soon as possible.

How To Check The Battery?

Let’s test the hoverboard battery first, you need to plug in the hoverboard charger into the wall plug. Now check the charger when plugged into the wall, did the charger light turn green. When it is green now we need to plug in the charger into the hoverboard.

If after plugging it in the hoverboard the charger light turns red it means that your hoverboard battery is getting charged, and the battery is ok.

But if the charger light remains green you need to check whether your hoverboard is working or not. Because

Greenlight shows a hundred percent charging and the battery is still not charged definitely there is some problem in the battery.

So now you have your symptoms if the hoverboard light is red your battery needs charging.

If your hoverboard light is red even after full charging, there is some problem with your battery.

How to Resolve Battery Problems?

A Way to diagnose the problem of your Hoover vote is a bad battery there’s a piece of good news and the bad news, the bad news is the hoverboard battery is not repairable by any common consumer. so don’t try your hands on it but the good news is, yes, it is replaceable, yes you can replace your hoverboard battery by yourself.

Even the new best hoverboards can have a dead battery, How? Let’s see

I have seen several customers coming to my shop, 

What happened to my hoverboard? 

After testing when I diagnosed them with dead batteries. Beaver was almost screaming at me. How come it’s the battery can die, I just opened it and this one is a new hoverboard.

The ticket definitely happened to your hoverboard when you purchased it from a retailer that has no sales. you have bought it from some of her or a Jeep manufacturer who’s who were bored are not selling for long and you just purchased it to save some money.

When a battery remains not charged for a long period of time it dies of non-charging.

How To Replace a HoverBoard Battery By Yourself?

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 Replacing a hoverboard battery by yourself is not very difficult, you don’t need much equipment for that. And you just need a Phillips screwdriver 

  • Step 1 Open the hoverboard side that is actually the opposite side for your charging port because the battery in a hoverboard is placed opposite to that.
  • Step 2 As you will open the side you will come across a hoverboard battery cage you just need to unscrew four screws and you can access the battery.
  • Step 3 now you need to unplug the connectors that are connecting the battery to the motherboard
  • Now you just need a new battery and connect the connectors of that battery to the motherboard connectors.
  • When you are done with replacing your battery you can just fix the screw again. When you find it fixed to put the jacket back and can you screw it.

Congratulations your battery is replaced you just need to Joshua battery and once the charging is full hooray! enjoys your ride.

Note: How much does a hoverboard battery cost? depends on which brand you are buying from and which quality you are intending for.

Diagnosis number 2 (Hoverboard Won’t Turn On Or Charge)

That does not always the case when you are getting a problem charging your hoverboard battery is not working well.

The problem can be a charger or charger socket tool it’s very simple to check your charger as if the charger light is on and your hoverboard lights are responding to it it means it is working well. But if the charger is connected and the hoverboard is not responding to it yes there is an issue with your charger and that is not charging the board.

Moreover, if your charger gets very hot when plugged in the socket still there is a possibility that your charger is doing some trouble. but if it is hot after continuous charging that is normal.

So if you find out your charger is the Troublemaker you need to replace it and replacing it is not at all an issue. We just need to buy a new one that suits your hoverboard read that is perfect.

Diagnosis number 3 (hoverboard charger pinout)

When your charger and Battery both are clear and you still having problems charging your hoverboard. Then you might have a problem with the charger pin. Yes, there is a socket or a pin that actually connects your charger to the hoverboard battery. When that pin is broken the link is broken and the working is affected.

How To Fix A Hoverboard Charger Port?

Don’t worry much you can repair this part of your hoverboard without much effort as you don’t need some extra gadgets or a tool bank. Only a screwdriver and a glue gun are your requirements.

  • This time you don’t need to guess which side to open as you can see from the outside that the side which has the port is the repairable side.
  •  You just need to open that side with your screwdriver and as you open the jacket you will see a jungle of wires beneath. 
  • Don’t get panic, you just need to select your required port that is connected behind the charger pin. 
  • You need to bring it out by unlocking the connected clump that is connected to the board.
  • Moreover, the other side that has an opening towards the outside, you just need to take it out by a little pressure and taking out the inner nut. 
  • If the hot glue is applied then you might have to pinch it out and after connecting the push-in connector and fixing the inner nut.
  • you may need to fix the pin with some hot glue applied from the inner side.
  • Yes you are almost done now check the charger before closing the jacket 
  • And if you find it working yey… you made it, close the jacket, charge and enjoy your ride.


I hope this article will help you to resolve your hoverboard issues related to its battery and charging. Moreover, it will save you time and resources and will make you able to fix it yourself if any problem occurred.

I really wish that your hoverboard keeps functioning well so you don’t have to rush for any of these.

But if still there is a problem these tips will help you to resolve it. Have a happy HOVERING!
Best of luck! 

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