iScooter Hoverboard Review

This article is written with the purpose to educate the users about the iscooter hoverboard instructions that are how to ride on it and how to use it next it discusses the iscooter hoverboard Bluetooth technology its uses and its functionalities. This article elaborates on the Iscooter hoverboard reviews.  Not in detail but somehow I scooter overboard-related issues. Not in every detail but Iscooter electric scooter-related issues especially the iscooter 3000 are discussed in this article.

The market was familiar with the name of the scooter. Even though this is relatively a new product in the market. The very good thing about this product is that it is available at an economical price. Even though that is available at an economical price, the manufacturers do not compromise any of the product safety-related issues. 

This product has an ul2272 safety test passed. This means that it is completely a safe product to use. In the beginning, there were issues with the safety of the Hoverboard. Repeated incidents were reported that these boards got fired. Especially while charging. 

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iScooter Electric Scooter Adults Dual Suspension, 21 MPH, 22 Miles Range, 10” Honeycomb Solid Tires, 500W Foldable and Cruise Control Escooter with Double Braking System and APP

The iScooter Electric Scooter for Adults features dual suspension and 10″ honeycomb solid tires, providing a comfortable ride with enhanced stability. It boasts a maximum speed of 21 MPH, a range of 22 miles, and comes with cruise control, a double braking system, and an accompanying app for added convenience and safety.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Key Features

  • 500 Watt Motor
  • 21.7 mph Top Speed
  • 22 miles Long Range
  • 10” Solid Tire
  • Cruise Control System
  • IP54 Water Rating
  • APP Controller(Android & iPhone)
  • Dual Suspension System

Thanks to the high standards used in the manufacturing of the specific board. This is completely a safe board to ride on and charge. 

The basic reason behind this article is to evaluate the acceptability of the Iscooter in the market. It has been nearly two years since the scooter was first introduced in the market. At that time it was no doubt my favourite and really the darling of the market. Based on the most modern and up-to-date technology. 

In the last 2 years, technology has evolved and significant developments have been made. Especially when we are talking and discussing the safest hoverboard

Let’s see if this is still an acceptable product after the two years of his first launch in the market.

But to find out the answer of these questions you need to read this article till the last line. The scooter is not only popular in the market but actually, it outperformed many of its competitors. More surprisingly some of these competitors are actually lost more recently than the I scooter itself. 

Even those newly launched boards are in a better position to utilise the market and technology better than the scooter but still the I scooter has a significant position in comparison to other hoverboards

This is really a strong competitor both in terms of the technology and income of market share.

I scooter product package

My scooter does not come alone to you. It has multiple friends accompanied that will help you in your companionship with the I scooter. 

The content what do you will find in the product package of the scooter are

  1. The I scooter itself for you to ride on.
  2. A charging cable with plug in adaptor.
  3. The user manual for the users to use it. This is actually the instruction manual for the Iscooter. This not only makes the use of the I scooter easy. But this will also help to increase the life of the scooter.
  4. Overboard does not always carry you. Sometimes you need to carry it. For this purpose the I scooter has a carrying bag in his product package too. This product carrying bag is easy to use, easy to carry and easy to handle.

I scooter significance

Some of my scooter features are so prominent that these features still are really hard to compete with any other hoverboard.

The top speed

This is true that you do not run at maximum speed every time. This is also true that sometimes you need to run at the maximum speed. This scooter can run with a speed of 10 kilometres per hour. This is really impressive is not it. Yes, it truly is.

Inclined Surface

Another factor is that life is not smooth. Life the roads on which we travel daily are also not smooth. Sometimes we need to play live on surfaces that are actually inclined. No issue with this hoverboard.

This hoverboard can easily climb on the surface at an angle of 30 degrees. This means that it can easily climb the surfaces that are not more than 30 degree incline. This is really a great feature. Even some of the modern day hoverboards miss this feature. These new hoverboards are really useless when it comes to c00l the inclined surfaces

Travelling distance

Every hoverboard needs charging. Without charging this is not possible for you to ride on the hover
This is the reason that we prefer the hoverboard that can ride us to honour longer distance without the need of charging. This is really a top choice in this regard as those who are bored can easily make 15 to 20 km in a single instance of charging.

The weight capacity

The capacity to carry is adorable for this hoverboard. If you are a heavyweight , then do not worry as this power board has the capacity. This hoverboard can easily carry hundreds of kgs. This is approximately 220 pounds.

Charging time

Charging time for a board is the most dull time for an excited rider. Do not worry as this particular board consumes very less time in charging. Even though the battery is completely flat it will only take 30 minutes to fill the battery up to 80% of its capacity.

The editor feature is the regenerative braking efficiency. It contributes a lot. And improves the efficiency of the battery by about 70%.

Safe and stable

The ride is really safe and stable. Thanks to the 30 sensors fitted in this board. This will take the board safely and right on the track.

The Bluetooth functionality

The board is equipped with the Bluetooth enabled speakers. You can enjoy the music with convenience while you are riding on this board.

The indicators

The board is equipped with the indicators. To stop in the midway because of the low charging of the battery. This is really a great problem. This is something which can be handled easily. At Least while you are using this Iscooter. The reason is simple and effective.

This board is equipped with the battery indicator. This battery indicator will help you to determine that if the battery is properly charged and can take you to the destination or not.

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The colour availability

This board is available in a variety of colours. It enables you to pick the board that is actually according to your desire.


This hoverboard has a Vita warranty of 1 year. This brings peace of mind for you.

Certified product

This is a completely safe product. The reason is that this is certified with the certificate ul2272. 

User reviews about the iscooter Hoverboard

This is the section where we discuss the user reviews about this product

  • This is a low cost product but is of high quality
  • The board is beautifully designed. Outlook is really very beautiful. Truly speaking this is a beauty to have.
  • Impressive distance coverage. I really like it keep s on moving, moving , moving and moving. 
  • The charging time is really very low. I like this product because it can achieve full charging very soon.
  • The pulling power is really very impressive
  • the maximum speed of this hoverboard is 10 kilometre per hour
  • It can cover the range of 20 km in a single charging
  • The product will be charted completely in 60 minutes or less.
  • It can support the weight of the rider upto 220 pounds.
  • It is made with durable material.
  • The board is lightweight so it is really easy to carry.
  • This hoverboard includes a carrying bag
  • This board has passed all the safety test related to ul2272 certification
  • This will provide the high value for your money
  • This is not widely available in the market

The only problem that I see in this product is that it is not widely available in the market. If you want to have this product you need to search for it. but believe me this product really deserves this. 

Quite impressive features the top speed is extraordinary, the weight carrying capacity is excellent, it can run on a decent speed and easily climb the incline surfaces and can carry the weight upto 220 pounds what else you want from a iscooter. 

The last thing which I forget to mention is actually that this product has excellent charging capacity. you can charge it in 30 minutes and can run on the battery as 80% that is available only after charging for 30 minutes.

An important advice promise has never ridden a hoverboard without the proper safety gadgets. The safety gadgets are the equipment that cannot be compromised at any cost. The chances to feel on from this hoverboard is really very low but if it happened it can cause serious damage. Some damage may be prominent and some damage can even be permanent for the life span. Therefore it is highly recommended not to write on any uberboat without the proper  safety gadgets.

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