Electric Scooters for Teenagers Use 2021

An electric scooter is a cross between a bike and a motorcycle. The most delighting part about an electric scooter is its low maintenance and more importantly the all life cycle cost. Due to the fact that it does not run on petrol, it saves you a lot of money.

An electric scooter called e-scooter for short or a motorized scooter is a light battery-powered stand-up scooter which uses a small utility internal combustion engine or, more commonly, an electric motor. The batteries are either of the led or lithium types. The strength of these batteries is good enough to travel within a range of 10 to 40 miles.

It has gained the category of being a form of micro-mobility and is generally designed with a large deck in the middle which the rider stands on. The design of an electric scooter’s trump card makes traveling quite comfortable, cheaper to maintain compared to a car and with no hazardous fumes oozing out, our plentiful green earth remains unharmed.

The reason for the existence of this article is a major focus on the best electric scooters for teenagers. The best electric scooters for teenagers provide a fun way for your child to cruise around the neighborhood with their buddies. Unlike push scooters, electric scooters have a motor and battery that lets your child scoot around without needing to kick their feet. Based on research, teenagers are confirmed to be the prime users of e-scooters and the manufacturer’s target users is the teens.

Electric scooters intended for teens are typically smaller, lighter and less expensive than their adult counterparts. So make sure to check out my reviews on the subject-matter! In the end, I’m sure without an iota of doubt that your questions would have been sorted with assurance.

Let’s begin!!!

Which are the Best Electric Scooters for Teenagers?

It is of the essence to briefly state that the question “which are the best electric scooters for teenagers?” is subjective in the sense that what is the best pick for me might not be yours. So it is safe to say the best is that which attends to you and your needs best.

However, it is generally accepted that light-weighted e-scooters are always better to ride because they are easy to handle by teenagers!
Manufacturers made a lot of electric scooters for teenagers which are scattered around in the market, shops and on the net. The upcoming paragraphs talk about the top 10 best electric scooters for teenagers without prejudice to their description, key features, pros and cons in my view.

10. Grotax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter

(8.5” Air Filled Tires- 15.5 MPH & 9-12 Mile Range- Version 2)

Coming before second place on my list is this well-built electric scooter. Grotax describes this scooter as their “most powerful scooter yet”. It is well-built and has an excellent balance of weight, range, and features. It is an ideal scooter for beginners who want something inexpensive, but functional. There are provisions for maneuvering treacherous city streets, cruise control allowance and a lock mechanism. This GXL is a top-notch product that travels up to 9-12 miles and recharges in just 4 hours, has a top speed of 15.5MPH and holds a maximum of 220 lbs. The reinforced frame folds down and locks for easy storage making it a perfect commuting scooter.

Grotax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter


Key Features:
  • 8.5 Inflatable Tires
  • Powerful Motor
  • Long Range Battery
  • Digital Display
  • Folding Frame
  • Dual Braking System
Electric Scooters for Teenagers, Electric Scooters for Teenagers Use 2021


  • The tires act as shock absorb as you cruise through city streets with bumps
  • You can view speed, battery light and turn on headlight through the handlebar
  • It can be easily stored
  • It is lightweight and portable
Electric Scooters for Teenagers, Electric Scooters for Teenagers Use 2021


  • It does not come assembled
  • It does not have brake lights

9. Grotax XR Ultra Electric Scooter

(LG Battery 36V/7.0AH Up to 17 Miles Long-Range, Powerful 300W Motor & 15.5 MPH, UL Certified Adult E-Scooter for Commuter)

From assertions, we can deduce that Grotax has plunged ahead in a mission to provide her customers with varieties without sacrificing ultimate satisfaction. The XR commuting scooter is furnished with a step folding structure for movability, aluminum material to boost stability, and its special Red Safety Button which distinguishes it from other models to protect the handlebar from folds when riding.

Made with a good judgment, the battery management system makes sure the battery is safe and also extends battery life. This XR electric scooter consists of a disc braking and anti-locking braking system for safe, receptive braking at top speed. The 8.5-inch tires make riding comfy even on a bad road or bumpy terrain.

Grotax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter


The LED display shows current speed, speed modes, battery life and headlight which has been upgraded to 8.5-degree irradiation angle and 26ft irradiation distance keeping the rider safe while riding in the dark.

If you are looking for an electric scooter that doesn’t cost too much but you can get to where you want to go, the Gotrax XR Ultra is a good choice.

Key Features:
  • 8.5” Inflatable Tires
  • Powerful 300 Watt Motor
  • Innovative Portable Folding Design
  • Multifunctional Console
  • Strong Power E Scooter
Electric Scooters for Teenagers, Electric Scooters for Teenagers Use 2021


  • It has a travel range of up to 17 miles under optimum conditions
  • It has been reviewed as a fast scooter with small storage and easy setup.
  • Very light and yet sturdy and resilient
Electric Scooters for Teenagers, Electric Scooters for Teenagers Use 2021


  • The motor wheel can be a bit noisy

8. Razor E200 Electric Scooter 

The razor E200 electric scooter is another fine electric scooter for teenagers with a gorgeous look. Are you feeling a bit young, wild, and free? Graduate to a bigger ride and pull off you feel with this e-scooter. The E200 e-scooter has all the features that parents want and everything kids crave in a scooter. Originally designed for teenagers, the E200 equalizes its bigger size with the extra power to thrill older riders with the smooth acceleration of its 200-watt, high-torque, single-speed, chain-driven motor. It is the perfect fit for both a solo adventure or a cruise with friends.

Even after an offer of this luxury the manufacturer refuses to compromise quality, safety, service, and style. It has the power to thrill as the 200-watt, high-torque, single-speed, chain-driven motor provides the extra, electric-powered juice needed to help riders ages 13 and up hot speeds up to 12 mph for up to 40 minutes of continuous use. The increased speed and up to 40-minute run time mean more range for exploration and excitement.

Razor E200 Electric Scooter


Key Features:
  • 8” (200 mm), pneumatic front and rear tires
  • All-steel frame and fork
  • Powered by a 200-watt, high-torque, single-speed, chain-driven motor
  • Full-size deck and frame
Electric Scooters for Teenagers, Electric Scooters for Teenagers Use 2021


  • Designed for older riders
  • It can stand rugged use
  • A durable product, perfect speed, amazing battery life
Electric Scooters for Teenagers, Electric Scooters for Teenagers Use 2021


  • The scooter is a tad heavy

7. Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

(Black/Red Glow-FFP)

Are you ready? Get set, Glow! For a nice, smooth and comfortable ride with maximum safety, this electric scooter by Razor is perfect for teenagers. An electroluminescent wire lights up the top of the deck, while LEDs glow below the deck. All you need to do? Set on and kick-off.

The Razor E-90 retains the classic style of the original kick ride scooter but brings it into the 21st century with the addition of a high-torque chain-driven motor. This allows the rider to choose between kick push riding or zooming along under electric power.

The Razor Power Core E90 Glow features a 90-watt, kick-to-start, high-torque, hub motor which delivers a more efficient, maintenance-free ride with no alignment, chain, or belt. Efficiency collaborates durability on this design. It features an all-steel frame and fork and flat-free, airless rear tire for maximum durability. 12V sealed lead-acid battery offers up to 60 minutes of continuous ride time and an awesome glow wherever you go!

Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter


Key Features:
  • Electroluminescent wire on deck and 6 LEDs below the deck
  • Innovative power core technology
  • Rechargeable 12V sealed lead-acid battery
  • Lightweight, all-steel frame and fork and flat-free
Electric Scooters for Teenagers, Electric Scooters for Teenagers Use 2021


  • Easy to assemble and requires no special know-how
  • Motors along at the apt speed
  • With its features, you are provided with an epic ride
Electric Scooters for Teenagers, Electric Scooters for Teenagers Use 2021


  • Handlebars might be a bit too short for teens
  • Warranty is distressing

6. Razor E200 Electric Scooter

Razor has been in the business of being the hero from day zero by coming through for their customers providing various designs to suit the rider’s evolving lifestyles. For teenagers, the model of this electric scooter can be ridden while sitting because it comes with a detachable seat or standing. Exciting right?

The E200 electric scooter has a full-size deck and frame, designed for teens and travels at speeds up to 12 miles-per-hour and up to 40 minutes of continuous use Other of its upgrades include a rear brake for smoother stopping power and two pneumatic tires for smooth rolling. It is powered by a long-lasting rechargeable 24 volts Seal battery system. The scooter comes included with a UL approved battery charger and all tools required for its light assembly. It also features a hand-operated rear brake, spring-loaded kickstand and large 8-inch pneumatic tires.

Razor E200 Electric Scooter


Key Features:
  • Full-size deck and frame
  • All-steel frame and fork, high torque, chain-driven motor
  • Twist grip acceleration control, hand brake operated rear brake
  • 8-inch pneumatic tires, retractable kickstand
  • 24V sealed led acid rechargeable battery system
Electric Scooters for Teenagers, Electric Scooters for Teenagers Use 2021


  • The required batteries are included
  • Suitable use for an adult even
  • Has a hand-operated rear brake for smoother stopping
Electric Scooters for Teenagers, Electric Scooters for Teenagers Use 2021


  • This model is not foldable
  • Batteries tend to die fast

5. Swagtron SK3 Electric Scooter

(LED Wheels & Kick-Start Boost)

At number six on my list of best electric scooters for teenagers is this judiciously made e-scooter which offers you nice, smooth and comfortable riding with maximum safety. This model of electric scooter  will scratch your e-scooter itch. Like the manufacturer said “when your kids grow, the SK3 METRO will grow with them” because of its height-adjustable stem.

You are offered a chance to keep your swag with this scooter as a result of the 4.7” eye-catching LED front wheel that illuminates while in motion. You can also decide to ride like a traditional kick scooter or turn on the boosted mode for an automatic speed boost. It features a rear footbrake which makes coming to a stop easy and reliable. It is a design that works!

Swagtron SK3 Electric Scooter


Key Features:
  • Height-adjustable stem
  • Extra-wide No-slip deck
  • Flashing light-up wheel
  • Dual riding mode
  • Simple control, reliable braking
Electric Scooters for Teenagers, Electric Scooters for Teenagers Use 2021


  • Lightweight and good speed
  • Easy to use and runs very fast
  • Stylish appearance, lightweight and strong bearing capacity
Electric Scooters for Teenagers, Electric Scooters for Teenagers Use 2021


  • Dangerous quality control

4. Swagtron Swagger 8 Folding Electric Scooter

If you are trying to find a decent electric scooter without breaking the bank, then this could be the one you’re looking for. The Swagger 8 electric scooter has everything you want in an electric-powered scooter compiled in one. It is designed with a rider-first focus which makes it extremely durable. An ultra-lightweight, whisper-quiet folding e-scooter for kids, teens and adults.

Powered by an efficient battery that works in perfect harmony with the ultra-quiet motor, the battery fully charges in just 3 hours and powers the scooter up to 10 miles on a single charge while reaching a top speed of 15 miles per hour. The amazing part is if you are consistent with a range of speed for 6 seconds, the Swagger 8 automatically engages cruise control when the feature is manually activated. Using the kick-start feature, you can increase your range by 10 to 25% depending on riding style, rider weight and other factors. Just hop on, kick and go!

With its frame built from aerospace-grade aluminum-alloy, riders up to 150 pounds can use it as the Swagger 8 can take a beating. This electric scooter is extra portable; it comes with a foldable feature. It has a unified braking system; e-brake, rear foot brake, and their peculiar auto guard which automatically disengages power when you brake.

Swagtron Swagger 8 Folding Electric Scooter


Key Features:
  • Powerful, quiet, solid
  • Smooth riding features
  • Smart features, optimized ride
  • Triple braking system
  • Adjustable height stem
  • Built bold, ready to roll
Electric Scooters for Teenagers, Electric Scooters for Teenagers Use 2021


  • Super easy to control
  • Good customer service
  • Rubber-free tires naturally absorb micro-impacts from bumpier rides
  • Easy to carry around and store
Electric Scooters for Teenagers, Electric Scooters for Teenagers Use 2021


  • No longevity in the product
  • The charger is weak

3. VIRO Rides 550E Electric Scooter

(with New Street Art-Inspired Look)

Number eight on the list is the VIRO Rides e-scooter which is an elegantly designed scooter having a uniform geometric element to ensure user convenience. You can simply amass the VR 550E yourself with the included tools! This scooter boasts a 6-mile range coupled with run time of 40 minutes for each charge.

The tires are made durable with polyurethane that handles bumpy roads so well you don’t feel the effect also, the adjustable handlebars and operated front brake puts you in charge of control. This brand of electric scooters has marked out its distinctiveness through its emission-free, chain motor and this means it is an indeed eco-friendly scooter compared to others.

Purchase this scooter and you are guaranteed a scooter everyone will be desirous of with the VR 550E’s high conspicuousness, cool ground effect LED running lights, and its glossy street-art styling. It matters not which path you choose, VIRO Rides 550E gets you there.

VIRO Rides 550E Electric Scooter


Key Features:
  • Durable safety brakes
  • 40-minute average runtime
  • Visibility matters
  • Safe and great performance
Electric Scooters for Teenagers, Electric Scooters for Teenagers Use 2021


  • Has different speeds
  • Good quality for a decent price
  • Perfect assembly
  • Holds weight nicely
Electric Scooters for Teenagers, Electric Scooters for Teenagers Use 2021


  • Short battery life
  • Can be loud

2. Razor Power Core E100 Electric Scooter

Looking to go around the neighborhood and covering minor distances without hustle? Then you should pick Razor Power Core E100 Electric Scooter to get the job done. Enjoy maxed up power and longer ride time with this e-scooter which is lighter and more efficient. It delivers 50% more torque and rides time compared to Razor E100. Up to 60 minutes of continuous use, it speeds up to 11 miles per hour. An aluminum deck an all-steel frame and fork provide rugged durability, while the high-torque hub motor offers adventure with a twist of the throttle.

Featuring a kick-to-start, 100-watt, high-torque hub motor that delivers a more efficient, maintenance-free ride without an alignment, belt or chain. It is powered by a 24V rechargeable, sealed lead-acid battery system, just twist the throttle to feel the smooth acceleration.

Razor Power Core E100 Electric Scooter


Key Features:
  • Innovative Razor Power Core motor
  • Efficiency meets durability
  • Aluminium deck and all-steel frame and fork
  • Powered by a kick-to-start, 100-watt, high-torque hub motor
Electric Scooters for Teenagers, Electric Scooters for Teenagers Use 2021


  • Resilient and quiet
  • Easy to assemble and works perfectly
  • Maximum durability and ruggedness
  • Steady battery life
  • Not too fast for first-time riders
Electric Scooters for Teenagers, Electric Scooters for Teenagers Use 2021


  • No bells or reflectors
  • The chain-drive motor requires maintenance

1. Segway Ninebot S-Plus Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter

(with an Intelligent Lighting and Battery System, Remote Control, and Auto-Following Mode)

Segway-Ninebot is yet to retire from the business of manufacturing high standard quality electric scooters. This high-tech, two-wheels scooter is well built with a robust and durable base frame that provides you with confidence while riding. It also delivers enhanced speed and range along with the remote control unit having an intelligent chip. When you are not riding and you need your hands for other activities you can turn on Follow Mode and your Segway S-PLUS follows you.

You need not burden about the technicalities as you can log into the Segway-Ninebot App which provides rider tutorials through step-by-step training. By using this light but durable aircraft-grade magnesium alloy frame, this brand of e-scooter is compact and only weighs 36lbs with a maximum payload of 220lbs. It features a knee control bar that makes it easy to be stored in a car trunk, and also easily detached to make it fit into small spaces.

A single fully charged battery of this model can run up to 22 miles while the smart battery management system reports status of voltage, current, temperature, usage, and also tracking of battery’s status and prospective faults which adversely improves rider’s safety and comfort. It doesn’t end there, the 11-inch air-filled tires are designed to provide a smooth ride, the anti-skid and shock-absorption performances are great while driving.

Segway Ninebot S-Plus Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter


Key Features:
  • Sturdy and powerful
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Remote control and auto-follow mode
  • Intelligent App management
Electric Scooters for Teenagers, Electric Scooters for Teenagers Use 2021


  • Tremendous battery life
  • Reviewed as the best personal transport device
  • Very easy to learn and use
Electric Scooters for Teenagers, Electric Scooters for Teenagers Use 2021


  • Lacks a handle and a kickstand

Parts of an Electric Scooter

It will not suffice to just talk about the description, features, pros and cons of the best electric scooter for teenagers. It is also of the essence for us to familiarize generally with what an e-scooter is. I have tirelessly put together the important anatomy of an electric scooter which you should know as a prospective buyer!

There are a handful of various parts on an electric scooter but the main ones are batteries, deck, brakes, stem, light, tires, controller, handlebars, motor, and suspension.


What is an electric scooter without its source of power-batteries? They are what gas tank and petrol are to a car. They are usually made up of individual cells that are assembled to work the scooter and they are mostly compiled of lithium-ion battery cells. Batteries are graded in watt-hours otherwise known as Wh which is a measure of their volume.

The volume of the battery is one of the most important parts if not the most important of an electric scooter. A conventional scooter will have an estimated volume of 250wh while the enormous ones will be around 3,000wh.


The electric scooter deck like that of a skateboard is that flat platform you stand on to gain balance. The majority of them are rubberized for better grip although can have some type of peculiar finish that further provides better traction between your scooter and shoes.

A typical scooter deck size is 14’ by 5’ and provides a few inches of ground clearance.


In any type of vehicle, the brakes are responsible for stopping your wheels from spinning. In simple terms, a quality braking system is important for staying safe, protecting your life and limb while riding an electric scooter. Electric scooters’ brakes come in two types: electronic brakes and mechanical brakes.

Electronic braking systems rely on using the motor itself for braking and include strictly electronic and regenerative braking systems while mechanical braking systems rely on a physical approach to slow the scooter down such as disc, foot brakes, and drums. It is advised that you should go for e-scooters that have a combination of both braking systems in the event where one fails.


The stem is the neck of the scooter. It is a folding metal tube that connects the handlebars to the front wheel. However, the folding mechanism can be difficult work as it can be loose or unstable therefore bring a major source of frustration to riders.


Trust me you don’t want to become purblind while riding your electric scooter at night due to poor illumination. Nearly all e-scooter comes with at least one LED headlight and a brake-activated taillight as they are not bargainable. Although many scooters now come with multi-coloured LED lights that shine from under the deck. They are generally regarded as “swag lighting”.

Swag lights are good when it comes to increasing attention and looking cool but they can never stand in as a substitute for powerful head and taillights.


Tires are the midwives of connection between you and the road and they impact ride quality, traction, range, and braking of your electric scooter. There are essentially two categories of tires: pneumatic (air-filled) and airless varieties of which include honeycomb, polymer-filled and solid. It is advised to go for pneumatic tires because they give batter ride quality and perform much better in bad road situations.


The speed controller also regarded as the controller is an electric section submerged deep inside the electric scooter which controls the current from the battery to the motor. The controller like the central processing unit receives commands from the accelerator and brake then translates that into a current that is sent to the motor.

It is safe to say they are the central processing unit of an electronic scooter. They are rated on basis of what voltage and they can be able to handle. Controllers have been said to be one of the most underrated parts of electric scooters because they are the underdogs do their jobs unnoticed and they are regarded to be “behind the show scenes”.


Your core link with your electric scooters is your handlebars. They are like the head where other controls like the accelerator, brakes, speed display, and power settings are fitted.

To give the feature of being portable to an e-scooter, most of them have foldable handlebars to get them to a portable and storable size.


Electric motors are rated based on their power consumption which is expressed in watts. The more the power of the motor, the greater the wattage. Electric scooters possess Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) electric motors that are assembled into the heart of wheels.


It should be noted that a suspension does not come with numerous electric scooters but do in high- performance ones. The work of a suspension in an electric scooter helps improve the quality of your ride and dampen bumps on the road like its work in a motor vehicle or bicycle.

Mainly, there exists three forms of suspension system found in an electric scooter and they are spring, air and rubber suspension. The best suspensions are those that have the blend of spring and air called a coil-over-air suspension.

Things to Consider when Buying an Electric Scooter for Teens

Make no mistake! There are myriads of electric scooters you can easily pick from in the market and this begs the need for you to have some consideration factors at the back of your mind when getting an e-scooter for your teenage child. It will be a grave omission to not include in this discourse the things you should consider; the succeeding paragraphs explain these important factors.

Everything works closely!

Weight of Scooter

Light-weighted electric scooters are always better and easy to handle and ride for teenagers. The weight of the scooter you pick will determine how easy it will be for them to move it around and also store it.


Manufacturers made scooters for different categories of people considering their size and age. Before you opt to buy a scooter make sure that it is indeed a teenager scooter.


Comfort should never be sacrificed for anything! The comfort of an electric scooter is principally embedded in the seat for extra softness and deck for enough space to sit or stand.


Safety is one of the prime concerns since it pays to be safe than sorry. It is indeed no joke. You could be killed or permanently maimed by riding an electric scooter so you should think twice about the safety ratio of the product before getting it. Hand brakes and disc brakes allow for driving the scooter safely and avoiding an accident.


When you have a budget to work with, it is advisable to choose in tandem with your budget. There are some decent price scooters with great specifications. Go for them!


Warranty indicates the guarantee the manufacturer offers the customer. The time frame of the warranty varies from scooter to scooter from 90 days to 1 year.

Maintenance Tips for an Electric Scooter

Just buying an electric scooter does not cut it. It is of grave importance to learn how to maintain your scooter because it will extend its lifespan, reduce the need for having to purchase new equipment and avoiding the need for expensive repairs due to negligence among other things.

If you are to infer from the above, here are so scooter hack tips that will help you maintain your products!

Luckily, electric scooters require no regular upkeep except checking pressure if they have air-filled (pneumatic) tires. For you are looking to find the maintenance, repair or even upgrade information of a particular scooter check out the guidelines regarding such electric scooter.

Electric scooters are an impending solution to reduce environmental pollution and urban congestion, and getting caught in traffic will not be a burden. Electric scooters are a sign of freedom to teenagers who will not compromise their feelings of being free for anything. So, if you are making plans to buy a scooter then choose one of those in the preceding paragraphs and if not, validate the scooter based on the tips earlier discussed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Moving on from buying guides that help you make the right purchase, I also include the FAQ section as its importance cannot be underestimated. Here, I provide answers to questions usually posed on Electric Scooters for teenagers. I’m sure by the time you go through them, it will meet your expectation!

When is a child too old for an electric scooter?

If you ask me my answer will be as good as scripted because a child is at no time too old for a scooter except in situations where they no longer want to ride one. You can always go for an upgrade as you grow or with the help of an adjustable stem make your scooter grow as you grow.

How should I teach my child to use a scooter?

The great thing is it does not take much time to learn how to ride a scooter. If they are struggling, they can learn best by imitating when they see how other kids use theirs. There are also, manuals to guide you.

How safe are scooters?

Just like all other things in life, there is a hazard in using scooters. When going at high speed, kids can fall so the danger of accidents and injuries can be limited greatly by adhering to safety precautions and wearing safety gear such as helmet, gloves, protective jacket and pants, lights, horn, knee pads, and elbow pads.

Do I need a license for an electric scooter?

No, you do not. You can ride your scooter on sidewalks or pathways but not on the road. Like any other pedestrian, you are allowed to cross the road but that’s all.

Do electric scooters work in the rain?

Riding in the rain is not recommended for safety reasons.

Got further questions? Are there other brands of tactical flashlights you want to know about? Kindly drop your comment in the comment box!!!

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