Skque Hoverboard Review and Buying Guide

Hoverboards are a new and advanced way of getting from one point to the other. Everywhere you go, you will see one person or the other using these self-balancing devices as a new mode of transportation. These could also just be used for fun, such as going on a long drive, or for work purposes, such as riding to your workplace instead of walking there. These devices are easy to use once you get accustomed to them. The brand new, upgraded Skque Hoverboard is a great choice if you are looking to invest in a decent hoverboard. Extra safety and precautionary features have been installed onto this hoverboard, along with notable and unique features that make it stand out from other best hoverboards.

Skque Hoverboard Features and Specifications

This hoverboard is UL22772 certified, deeming it to be quite a safe and secure hoverboard to use. Sensors have been attached to this hoverboard to further balance it on its own, as well as make sure that the wheels turn and operate at the same speed. This will avoid the hoverboard from unnecessarily spinning in circles, something that is quite common amongst other hoverboards. This hoverboard is quite durable as well, as a strong shell has been added to make it scratch and scrape proof.

This hoverboard’s specs highlight that it is a high-performance hoverboard, which is self-balancing and has multiple speeds. Even at high speeds, the board will keep balancing itself and will not topple over. The maximum weight of 254lbs can be carried by this hoverboard. It can also move across more rough surfaces such as gravel and grass etc. The board itself weighs 31 pounds and has 3 wheel types: 6.5 inches, 8 inches, or 10 inches.

This hoverboard functions well, and in such a manner that its engine is not burdened. However, it must be said that as compared to other boards, Skque is comparatively slower with a maximum speed of only 8mph. This is 7mph less than other hoverboards that can go up to around 12-15 mph. However, this hoverboard can go up to 12 miles on every charge, which is the standard for all existing hoverboards.

This board is stable, safe, and secure and works well for beginners who have recently joined the hoverboard trend. Kids can also use it as the speed is slightly low and it is not risky for them to use. Adults who are a bit old can also make use of this device, as this device can hold a fully grown adult. It is quite easy to get the hang of this device as well and learning how to control it won’t be a complicated process because of the sensors that are attached to it.

Skque hoverboard charger can be bought through shops or online. However, a few users complain that the skque hoverboard charger tends to overheat, however, this problem is limited to the charge only and not the device itself. A substitute charger can be bought for this hoverboard at budget rates.

This device also comes with extra features such as Bluetooth linked speakers, so you can listen to your favorite songs on the go while you are riding this device. LED lights on the arches of the hoverboard make it look cool like you’ve traveled to the future. All these added and bonus features make skque definition ranked as a high definition board.

Ultra Electric Self-Balancing Hoverboard Scooter

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  • Works well for both kids and adults.
  • It has several specifications that live up to expectations.
  • Great performance power.
  • Certified to be stable and quite safe to use.
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty period.


  • This hoverboard isn’t as speedy as competitor boards.
  • There are reported issues with the charger overheating.
  • The shell is made out of cheap plastic and doesn’t really serve any protection purposes.

Final Verdict:

Skque hoverboard may not be speedy, but it has a great performance rate and is well-liked by most of its users. Buyers of this hoverboard claim that it met up to their expectations and they did get value for money. Granted it might be a bit slow, but it is self-balancing and stable and will prevent any accidents, slips, or falls to occur due to its inbuilt sensor technology. The features and specs are quite decent. It may have a few drawbacks, such as a faulty charger, or a plastic shell that isn’t made out of the best quality material. However, it is still a great hoverboard that you might consider investing in.

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