Best Hoverboard Light Up Shoes You Can Wear While Riding

Are the hovering light up shoes a special type of footwear created to pair with your hoverboard? Absolutely.

The hoverboard had only just become the new trend among young people in the world due to its modern appeal and, we just have to say it, iconic use by celebrities, when something happened. Manufacturers decided it would be significant to design custom LED shoes for hoverboard, and the world has embraced it ever since.

If you’re thinking the hovering light-up shoes can glide or float in the air, sorry to disappoint you; that’s not the intention. Rather, their lightweight feature makes balancing on the hoverboard more comfortable, and several colorful LED light makes it very attractive for night riding.

The shoes come in a wide variety of functions; there are hover light-up shoes for men, and there are those for women and kids; there are also custom colors that appeal to different tastes.

Finally, due to their trendy and unique designs, these hover kicks light up shoes (simply ’kicks,’ as young people like to call them) aren’t just used for the hoverboard but as general wear. High demand has seen various brands manufacture the hovering light up shoes. In this article, we’ve curated from the variety to give you the best hoverboards light up shoes you can wear while riding or visiting your family.

Odema Unisex LED Shoes High Top Light Up Sneakers

Odema Unisex LED Shoes High Top Light Up Sneakers

The Odema High top LED shoes have a design for comfort and an incredibly minimalist

Sanyes USB-charging Light up hoverboard shoes

Sanyes USB-charging Light up hoverboard shoes

The Sanyes hoverboard sneakers is a high-performance showstopper of a shoe

MOHEM Shiny Night High Top LED Light Shoes

MOHEM Shiny Night High Top LED Light Shoes

If you find the button operation of most light up hover shoes are an inconvenience,

Joansem LED light up hoverboard shoes

Joansem LED light-up hoverboard shoes

These are the perfect breathable cotton-blend hovering shoes. They come with a plush logoed collar

1.  Odema Unisex LED Shoes High Top Light Up Sneakers

The Odema High top LED shoes have a design for comfort and an incredibly minimalist look that somehow gives it unrivaled elegance. If you are planning on riding your hoverboard for extended periods or looking for comfy kicks to travel in, these are your go-to guys.

Odema Unisex LED Shoes High Top Light Up Sneakers

It is made from PU leather, which feels as real as genuine leather but lighter and less expensive. The true beauty of the Odema High top, however, lies in its LED light fixtures. The lights are all about appearing, generally, obvious. There’s absolutely no way you put these on at night, and the attention isn’t all around you. The LED lights are pre-installed in a row around the sole of the shoe, have seven unique colors, and can be programmed to single or alternating colors with the switch located inside the shoe.

The light colors include green, red, yellow, blue, sky blue, white, and purple. If you’re thinking about how this shoe can manage to power the intense LED light, it has an inbuilt rechargeable battery to thank. A USB port is located inside the shoe, and when connected with a 2-cable charging cord (which comes with the product) to charge for about three hours, you can have enough juice in these babies for a reasonable amount of hours before you need to charge them again. Finally, the shoe has a no-slip sole feature that makes it balance well on your two-wheeled scooter when riding and firmly on the ground. It is also notably unisex and comes in different colors to suit your taste.

  • Comfortable even after wearing for long periods
  • Affordable price
  • Colorful LED lights
  • Comes with a replacement policy
  • One of the shoes suddenly stop working sometimes
  • Wiring under the sole is low quality

2: Sanyes USB-charging Light up hoverboard shoes

The Sanyes hoverboard sneakers is a high-performance showstopper of a shoe, and that is precisely why it makes this list. With LED lights that can last up to a year and a sole made of rubber that aid balancing and sturdiness on the ground, this is a sneaker built for efficiency and style.

Sanyes USB-charging Light up hoverboard shoes

It is designed to fit comfortably on your foot with high-grade materials, like the pure leather body, rubber sole, and cotton fabric for the lining material. Despite all of these, the Sanyes is still affordably priced, and you can get them even if you are on a budget!

The LED light quality is also top-tier, and if you pull up at a night party with this beauty, you can rest assured all eyes will be on your feet throughout the night. The light colors can be configured to glow as single colors or to alternate.

The colors include red, blue, green, purple, sky blue, yellow, and white. The USB port enables the charging of your shoe to power the lights. Typically, they will charge for about 2-3 hours and can last for 8 hours of usage.

  • 8 hours of battery life is pretty impressive
  • Good quality at an affordable price
  • The LED lights are super bright
  • Lights sometimes suddenly stop working after a couple of charging sessions

3:  MOHEM Shiny Night High Top LED Light Shoes

If you find the button operation of most light up hover shoes are an inconvenience, you’re sure to love the MOHEM LED shoes, which feature a wireless remote control to power on or off the LED light, change the colors of the, and regulate the brightness.

MOHEM Shiny Night High Top LED Light Shoes

There are four unique alternating modes of light colors and 16 different colors. The no-slip sole design of the sneakers makes it comfortable on the ground and your hoverboard while the rubber material means you can moonwalk on pretty much every surface.

Pretty awesome! And everything about these sneakers is high-grade. From the pure leather material to the rubber sole, you’re getting good quality for a low price. The MOHEM is a unisex hover light up shoe so anybody can get one.

It comes in different colors that might appeal to the genders too. For example, shining pink MOHEM sneakers is popular with girls, and the men prefer black or shining black. Lastly, the USB port is for charging the shoe to power the LED light, and 3-hour charge time will give you well over 8 hours of usage.

  • LED lights can last almost 11 hours
  • High-grade materials with pure leather
  • The light quality is excellent
  • The remote sometimes does not work
  • The sizes can be misleading

4:  Joansem LED light up hoverboard shoes

These are the perfect breathable cotton-blend hovering shoes. They come with a plush logoed collar and speed lacing shaft—all features that give it maximum comfortability. Following the trends of all the hover light up sneakers on this list, the Joansem has a rubber sole that gives it its sturdiness and balance.

Joansem LED light up hoverboard shoes

The LED light has seven static colors and an auto-change mode that transitions the different colors with style. The USB port is used for charging this sneaker to power the lights.

The product comes with a USB charging cord, and all you need to do is to connect to a power outlet. Charging it for 3 hours can give you 8-10 hours of lighting on your sneakers.

So, if it’s time for some night hovering or physical activities like running or cycling, these sneakers are a top choice for their superior functionality while being comfortable. Not to mention that it is also unisex, so it is available for both men and women.

  • Very comfortable shoes
  • Breathable material is ideal for extended hovering
  • Available on a budget price
  • Rubber soles
  • There is no sizing for kids
  • Some lights may stop working after 2-3 days
  • The size chart can be misleading

Hover light up shoes buying guide

When curating this list of the best hover light-up shoes, we ensured to take note of specific features and functions that make them the perfect choice for hovering and also general use. So, you will see in this list that the material used for the sole of the kicks is a critical metric when buying the shoes, and we have duly ticked off that box.

Budget is also a factor that must always be considered before any purchase—nobody wants to spend so much money on an item that will be of reduced value. As a result, the sneakers on this list go for affordable prices, but this does not, in any way, affect their quality; they are made from high-grade materials to last.

Here are a few features to look for in light-up hover shoes before purchase

  • Size
  • Sole mechanism and material
  • LED light quality and operation
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Comfort
  • Durability

So, there you have it. Whatever you are looking for in hovering light-up shoes, you are sure to find in the ones we’ve curated above. Stay gliding.

In addition in the Hover light up shoes buying guide


Be sure that the shoes you are buying are exactly of your own choice. If the shoes you bought are of the wider size as per your own size then this will create resistance during the ride. Your foot will come out of the shoes. Because of this, you will face problems during the ride. Your complete concentration will not be on the board. This may happen that you may fall down during the ride due to the loose grip of the shoes.

The other thing that may happen in the case you buy shoes that are actually smaller than your size. This will create pain and can create hurdles for your foot. This is really difficult for you to move with the sour foot. If you wear it for a longer period of time this may injure your feet.

Soil Mechanics and Material

If you have any sort of infection from a specific material then be ready to avoid that specific material. Otherwise, if you buy the shoes on the basis of their looks this will certainly create problems for you in the long run. This is always better to avoid the problem in the beginning.

LED Light Quality and Operation

If the LED light stops its function. Then the shoes not only lose their functionality but the charm of the product will also be finished and the product is of no use. This is the reason that it is highly recommended to buy the product of the highest quality so that I can work properly for a longer period of time and you may enjoy the beauty of the product.

Rechargeable Batteries

These are the ones on which the light operates. Grab complete information about the charging time period and the capacity of the battery to hold the charge. It directly affects the operational time period of the operations of the light. 


The shoes should be comfortable so that the rider can enjoy the comfort of the shoe while enjoying the ride.


A durable product provides you with the ability to enjoy the product for a longer period of time. This also provides the maximum utilization of the hard-earned money that you have spent on the purchase of the shoes.

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